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Producing case study material can put your marketing team under huge pressure. There’s tons to do like conducting client interviews, writing the case study itself, and getting approval from your client once it’s done.

Whether you’re too strapped for time or simply don’t have the knowledge or experience, I can help you create exceptional case studies that will knock the socks off your prospective buyers.

All I need to get started is your client’s contact details and their approval to make the call. Acting on behalf of your company, I’ll interview your client and produce a detailed written case study. Once approved, I can even arrange to have the case study designed into a print-ready brochure, PDF or e-book.

Why Outsource Your B2B Case Study Writing?

Like many B2B companies, you’re under pressure to produce all sorts of marketing material to help you drive leads and close sales. A lack of time means prioritising what gets done, with case studies often being pushed to the back of the queue.

As an experience marketer and competent interviewer I can support you in producing first-rate case study material that will uplift your sales.

To find out more, book a free B2B marketing consultation over the phone or call me direct on 0118 324 7770.

More Reasons to Outsource

Alex has worked as a B2B marketing director and consultant for more than eighteen years, predominantly focused on helping B2B technology brands create remarkable campaigns focused on performance outcomes.

As a Chartered Marketer, Alex remains committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing trends and best practices through regular training and graded skills assessments. Chartered Marketers are qualified Members of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and experienced marketing consultants or managers working at a senior strategic level.

Alex is an experienced board-level consultant and ex-marketing director for an ambitious B2B technology brand. As a result, he has an abundance of experience overseeing marketing projects and lead-gen activity at organisation-wide level.

Throughout his nearly two-decade-long career as a B2B marketer Alex has achieved certifications in Google Search, Google Display Ads, and Google Analytics. Google certifications are professional exam-based accreditations offered by Google to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in advanced aspects of certain digital technologies.

Since 2012 Alex has held a CIM Diploma in Marketing Communications, awarded by Cambridge Marketing College.

Currently Available

I’m currently available to work with new B2B clients – both brand and agency – on marketing campaigns and growth strategies. Call me direct on 0118 324 7770 to find out more.

Alex is an excellent B2B marketer. Knowledgeable. Experienced. Creative. A good team player. I’d definitely recommend him.

Dave Wybourne
Chief Operating Officer, Fissara Software

For B2B Companies

With fifteen+ years’ experience helping ambitious SME and enterprise B2B brands, Alex brings innovative new approaches to achieving great results.

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For B2B Agencies

Working with both boutique agencies and global powerhouses, Alex helps B2B marketing companies optimise their client campaigns to achieve even greater outcomes.

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