Freelance Marketing Strategist for B2B Brands

"As your B2B marketing strategist, I can help your organisation achieve even greater results from its marketing investment."
Alex Croucher
Freelance B2B Marketing Strategist

Hiring a Freelance B2B Marketing Strategist

As a B2B marketing strategist I can help your brand or agency forge new pathways towards achieving higher growth from your marketing investment. With more then 18 years of experience working with companies across the B2B space, I have worked as a B2B marketing strategist for national and international brands and agencies on almost every continent.

Depending on your specific goals, as your B2B marketing strategist I can help with a wide range of projects including market and competitor analysis, go-to-market planning, market research, messaging, and certain creative elements. Your exact needs will likely vary, but typically I work with companies that are looking to maximise their marketing budgets, improve campaign effectiveness, or create a stronger proposition.


Benefits of Hiring Me As Your B2B Marketing Strategist

Reduced Costs

Hiring a B2B marketing strategist offers you the flexibility to pay as you go, and can often be cheaper than recruiting and hiring a full-time team member.

Faster Lead Times

Get streets ahead of your competition and accelerate your growth plans today, avoiding costly recruitment bills, staff training and employers’ legal obligations.

A New Perspective

A B2B marketing strategist’s outside perspective can add tremendous value to your growth plans, as well as bringing fresh and sometimes whacky ideas to the table.

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    Eighteen Years Experience as a B2B Marketing Strategist

    I’ve been working as a B2B marketing strategist in a wide range of national and international B2B brands for over eighteen years. Some of my notable experiences include working with the UK’s leading B2B agency and several leading tech brands in software and cybersecurity. During the early stages of my career I worked as a campaign management and campaign strategist at an international B2B marketing agency where I was responsible for building go-to-market plans for clients in the tech, legal and services sectors. Today I am also a chartered marketing strategist and mentor to studying students within the industry.