Using LinkedIn Ads, Retargeting & Google Search to Reach B2B Decision Makers

B2B Lead Generation Consultant

About The Client

Dods Group is widely regarded as the the most respected provider of political intelligence and data, providing public affairs professionals with tailored political intelligence through its online portal.

Overcoming Common B2B Marketing Challenges

I joined Dods on their mission to create relationships with potential new customers. The problem was that they didn’t have a solid strategy in place, having previously thrown money at channels like PPC and LinkedIn without much success.

B2B Content Marketing for Growth

Already having access to tons of great content through the Dods digital platform, I started work on a content marketing plan. With lead generation in mind, the content plan touched on key topics of the moment like Brexit and UK fiscal policy.

By conducting desk research, I was able to find out where Dods’ potential customers spend their time online. I created a 12-phase marketing campaign around this, with the delivery of each phase to start at the beginning of each month.

High-value content pieces on key political issues were created and promoted through Google and LinkedIn. Customer Matching was also used to reach prospects who had previously engaged with Dods, either through events, training, or one of their thirteen publications.

Dedicated Landing Pages for Lead Collection

A dedicated landing page was created for each phase of the campaign. Data was sent through Jotform directly into the client’s CRM system for security and ease of processing.


The campaign propelled Dods’ presence in the market, achieving over 1.5m impressions within a very refined target audience.

All told, the campaign generated £2m of new business opportunities, 279 new leads, and 48 requests for a product trail.

The campaign also generated:

  • Over 9,000 visits to bespoke landing pages featuring key messages on Dods services
  • 91 likes, content shares and page followers on LinkedIn
  • 61% of search volume and average 1.1 ad position on the Google Search Network

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